CM Teacher Training

We’re looking for women who have experience with the toughest job in the world – RAISING KIDS

Hi, Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Swara Patel. I am a mother, a dancer and a teacher. I am equally passionate about all of these things. I’ve always wanted to do something in the field of dance and education – something I would have loved as a child, something I know my kids would love.

I was always convinced of the phenomenal importance dance has in a child’s growing years – it is an extremely powerful learning & teaching method. However, when I started teaching dance, I couldn’t find a single children’s dance class that actually tapped into these.

The existing classes were sadly, not age-appropriate or child-friendly. There was absolutely nothing for toddlers below age five. So, I began my own research and discovered Creative Movement Therapy – the answer to all my questions. I became a licensed CMT (Creative Movement Therapist) from CMTAI (Creative Movement Therapy Association of India) and created the Creative Movement Program for Toddlers.

SIX Mumbai Centres, THREE Ahmedabad centres, FORTY Schools & Growing…. We Need Teachers!

This program applies all the basics of Creative Movement Therapy to a children’s dance class.

“It is at its core, a dance class – but with a twist”

Our songs are different, our moves are different, our stories are different, our class-routines are different – and our students/kids – they end up becoming different too. In fact, there is NO OTHER Class like this in Mumbai.


Watch what our Creative Movement Teachers have to say:

Our Creative Movement Class for Toddlers is based on irrefutable scientific research, backed by years of our own experience with kids and supported by hundreds of parents who’ve seen the difference it has made to their child.

Currently this program is a part of FORTY schools across India, and runs independently in SIX Mumbai and THREE Ahmedabad centres. And we’re now growing, and looking for teachers. That’s where we need you!


  Go from a stay-at-home mom to a confident, competent teacher and mother

  Work on your own time, on your own terms. The choice is yours

  There is no other class like this in Mumbai. A unique class, needs a unique teacher. Is that you?!


I know you probably have a lot of questions: I’m not a dancer, how can I teach dance? I have never taught kids…how will I handle a class?  How much time will this take? Will I have to pay? Will I have to travel? What about my kids? How will I manage everything?

Relax 🙂 🙂

Me and my team of teachers have coached many other moms like you who are now extremely competent teachers, running their own batches and centres with complete confidence and ease. If they can do it, so can you.

But to answer your questions quickly, here are the basic details:

»  This is a flexi-time opportunity – you decide how many classes you want to take – it’s completely in your control

»  Half of the training happens online. You will have to travel only for four weeks, and only initially — not everyday

»  We charge a fee for our training course, that you will earn back within 3 months of starting

»  No dance experience necessary

I understand though, that you will still have doubts. Getting out of the house and leaving your kids is a big deal. I know. So, speak to us. Give us a call on the numbers mentioned below. Me and my teachers will be more than happy to answer ALL your questions, and help you make the right choice for yourself.

I have seen this program change people, change lives. It has changed me for sure! Now it’s your turn.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Swara Patel
Founder, Agile Kids
Co-Founder, Rhythmus Happyfeet Dance Academy
Head of Dance Division, Orchids International

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