Learning Ballet with Rhythmus Happy Feet has been a wonderful journey for Deanna and myself. The teachers have helped tap my daughter’s truest capability. Today, when I see my daughter’s dedication and consistent desire to attend every ballet class definitely proves that the teachers are doing a fabulous job. The fact that Deanna gets very upset about missing any ballet class shows the efficiency, support and encouragement she has been receiving. In the past few years Deanna has bloomed into not only a graceful ballet dancer, but her overall growth has made us very proud as parents. These 6 years have genuinely helped her gain a lot of confidence and a sense of achievement. Thus, exposing her to various platforms to perform and a blessed chance to train with the best teachers of Ballet from Manila. Deanna dreams of pursuing Ballet professionally, I’m sure Rhythmus Happy Feet will not only fulfill this dream but help her be focused and dedicated towards it!!!