My children have been attending Preballet and Creative Movement at RHF since the last 4 years. Priya is a wonderful, engaging teacher who teaches the children dance fundamentals with an emphasis on FUN! She really does do the technical work with them to improve their positioning, posture and body movements with the right amount of freedom to keep them engaged. All the Teachers at RHF are incredible dancers, who really care about the children and want the experience to be meaningful. They teach the children the basic skills in a fun, safe, developmentally appropriate way, and then continue to build on those skills at each child’s independent pace. Swara has really spent a lot of time hiring the right people, each dance teacher has a unique style and way of reaching the children, and all seem to be especially passionate about a different form of dance in their own life. Both my kids have now lost their stage fright completely! They can really Let Go!! Thank you RHF!