In January 2017 I was detected with breast cancer. The operation and radiation made me very weak and I put on a lot of weight. My confidence was shattering and I started losing myself.
I have always been a fighter and even now I was not willing to give up without a fight. My friend Geeta introduced me to Priya Colaco and I found my silver lining. Priya’s positive attitude and her warm smile gave me the initial boost that my broken body needed. 4 months after my lumpectomy I was feeling the joy of pushing myself and dancing to the beats of Zumba at RHF Fitness!
Today I am Cancer free and ready to resume my flying duties with a renewed confidence and I can never thank my family and Priya enough. I feel blessed to have such positive people around me and soon I’ll be flying high in the sky like a free bird. Thank you God for everything.