Ever wondered what it’s like to dream on your feet? That dream comes to life for my daughter Ananya when she attends ballet lessons at Rhythmus HappyFeet.

Our daughter Ananya has been attending ballet lessons at Rhythmus HappyFeet. She learns much more than the dance form itself – thanks to the guidance and care at RHF, she continues to imbibe life skills such as patience, diligence, discipline and pushing oneself beyond the limits.

The rigour at RHF is a function of the fantastic teachers like internationally trained Deepika Ravindran, Nikita Rochlani , and experienced and dedicated guest international faculty from Ballet Manila.

The high standards are reflected in the quality of technical finesse seen in the ballet exams and the exposure in domestic and international competitions. RHF is like a second home for her and for us. Indeed, for her, life without RHF and without ballet would be pointe-less…