Creative Movement Teacher Training

Our Creative Movement curriculum is tailored to teach the art of dancing to children between the age of three to five. We believe, especially with this age group, that ‘how’ to teach is as important as ‘what’ to teach. Apart from rigorous training in dance and creative movement exploration ( Body/ Space / Energy /Time) we have also integrated various modules of Early childhood education into our teacher training program.  We have covered concepts like developmental milestones, child development theories, the Carla Hannaford approach to learning, classroom management with a focus on managing an active environment and Anne Green Gilbert’s Brain Dance. We have made our presence felt in the dance industry and we believe that the sky is the limit! Our track record shows an upward and onward trend with our humble beginnings to where we are now!

Becoming a part of the Creative Movement Program for age 3 to 6 years:

If you wish to become part of our ever growing team following are the two options :-

  • Dance Educator (Agile Kids): This model runs on the basis that the creative movement and dance classes are held during school hours as a part of the curriculum.
  • After Hours Dance Educator (ToddleFeet): This model runs on the basis that the classes will be held after school as an extra-curricular optional activity. The same can be either sanctioned by the school or could be undertaken by an individual with a private set up.

As we plan expansion and growth in the coming year, we need to ensure consistent quality. We would therefore like to preserve the quality of our team by following the below mentioned criteria :-

Qualities required to be a Creative Movement Dance Educator

— Love working with children

— Passionate about making a positive difference in the growth and development of a child

— Should love to dance and have an agile mind and body

— Should be able to converse in English

— Constantly strive to grow as a teacher and dancer

— Meticulous and dedicated


Pre-Ballet Teacher Training

If you are or have been a dancer and love being around kids, then we have the right thing for you. Pre- Ballet training module includes in depth study of Ballet basics, practice of various Ballet movements, flexibility and strength, adagio and allegro combinations and choreographies for 5-7yr olds. These sessions focus on the right alignment, placement and posture. Students training to become teachers would also need to attend regular Basic/ Professional ballet training classes. In addition, the training sessions also include study, reading, assisting on going classes and preparing mock classes. The training will be conducted by our Internationally trained teachers and International guest teachers.