Dance and Creative Movement Workshop



RHF specializes in teaching children dance with a unique approach of developmentally appropriate music and syllabus. In just 4 years the academy has built a clientele of more than 2000 students, working at 4 centres and 3 schools. We also specialize in conducting Dance and Creative Movement workshops for children which are highly enthralling, engaging and enriching. To name a few, RHF has conducted workshop at events such as-

  • Kalaghoda:– 2013, 2014, 2015,2016, 2017, 2017, 2018
  • Car Free day: 2012, 2014
  • Marico evenings – Carter Road: 2013
  • World environment day: For NGO RUR at Reliance mart Santacruz in 2014
  • Kids carnival exhibition at Tulip Star, 2013: Kids Zumba workshop with more than 500 participants.
  • Lilavatibai Podar School: Kids Zumba workshop with more than 1000 students
  • Blooming Dale school (Santacruz): Creative Movement workshop
  • Happifest
  • DPS School Nasik
  • Beacon High School
  • Hindustan Times No TV Day
  • Juniorthon 2015, 2016
  • Krazy Kids Karnival 2017


Below are the list of Workshops that we offer:


1) Age 2.5 to 4 with age appropriate music, this workshop provides a perfect balance between fun and learning. A great way for parent and child to bond and dance together. This is done by introducing enthralling dance games, storytelling through dance, pretend/play/dance that will get every child’s feet tapping. (Option of with or without parents.)

2) Age 5 to 7 With lots of movement games and learning a Jazz routine – A fun workshop for parent and child to interact, learn, dance and have loads of fun together. (Option of with or without parents)

3) Age 8 to 12: We use Elements of dance (Space, Energy, Time, Body) as a medium to teach dance creation. This workshop will definitely broaden their movement vocabulary and spark their creative brain.  A super fun, creative workshop which will culminate in each team show casing their own choreography.

4) 13 and above: A workshop to rev the mind with movement challenges and dance, the session includes lots of dance games in partners and groups which are interactive and fun. The module ends with short adrenalin boosting Zumba workout.


5) Zumba Session: A sure shot way to elevate happy hormones, get refreshed and energized, Zumba is currently the best cardiovascular workout around that feels like a party!

6) Move and Express- Creative Movement for Adults:  Creative dance is where dancers communicate through movement and draw on their own inner resources to create and express through the uniqueness of their bodies. Enjoy simple movement variations set to music that makes you want to move and be creative through improvisational movement games based on rhythm, storytelling through body, using space creatively and playing with different energies. Requires no previous dance experience.