Fitness (Adults)

Fitness (Adults)

I was at a point when I felt stuck. I was not happy with my appearance, and I knew that I needed a push – that is when the six week challenge was introduced by RHF fitness and I had to take up this challenge. Each and every class – be it Zumba, strength training or MMA – became a big check mark on my calendar. I wasn’t expecting a massive transformation or really anything radical at all, but slowly I started feeling different. Eventually I started loving each and every class and never felt like skipping a single class! Whenever I felt low my instructor Priya always kept on motivating me because of which I never felt like giving up. This challenge was the push I always needed and I loved the results I achieved. 

Dixita Mehta

RHF Fitness has everything you need to reach your fitness goal! And what’s more is we start from a place of LOVE. 2012 saw the first batch that was a bi-product of mothers dropping off their children to dance class but soon there was enough of a fan following to start a division. We now have 9 batches and clients that will never leave us! We look to add additional locations in the year 2018.

Headed by Priya Colaco, a certified Zumba instructor and ZIN, the fitness division currently has a team of 7 certified trainers.

Zumba: Dance inspired fitness that gives you the best cardiovascular workout ever but feels like a party!

MMA: Mixed Martial Arts circuit training is a full-body workout which incorporates strength, aerobic and metabolic conditioning. MMA workouts are designed to work practically every muscle of the body using battlefield techniques but without the fear of contact.

Strength Training: synergistic muscle conditioning that increases lean muscle mass and reduces body fat, building strength, endurance and character!

We also offer 6 week fitness challenges with a qualified nutritionist on board and constant goal oriented mentoring.

Our strength lies in our personal connect with each and every client, the family like environment, the support offered that often goes beyond catering to fitness needs and the love and passion with which we do what we do.