I started RHF’s Creative Movement classes for my son Aarush when he was 3.7 months old. Being a passionate dancer myself, I was so impressed with their approach to teaching dance that I paid 3 months fees in advance after his first class. But these 3 months turned out to be a testing time for me as my son refused to settle. At times he was sleepy, sometimes cranky, sometimes roaming around in class and at times would just refuse to enter class. All through the 3 months I accompanied him to class hoping he would settle next class.

Believe me it was a task but I stuck to it because I believed in the beauty of this class. Also his teacher Merin Sam continuously encouraged me. And one day when I was revising the songs with him at home, I realised he knew all his steps – in fact he corrected me when I went wrong!! That’s when I realized that he had retained every bit of this class. It’s 7 months now and he is happily settled and looks forward to the class. He loves his “Merin teacher” and doesn’t want to miss a single class!
I wish HappyFeet Best of luck n congratulate them for creating such a lovely child-friendly dance class!