Dance Curriculum

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In-school Curriculum Agile Kids

What is AgileKids?

The answer to every dance related need a school has!

  • Agile Kids is a unique graded Dance & Creative Movement product by Rhythmus HappyFeet especially developed for schools. It brings 12 years of our experience into one progressive, structured curriculum designed for Playschool to Grade 2.
  • The same runs in 40 schools (in-school curriculum)


8  Unique features of our program


1.  Kinesthetic learning – Dances on concepts like nature, occupation, health & fitness, prepositions, opposites etc

2.  Introduction to  Indian folk dance for each grade.

3.  Progressive – with clearly defined learning objectives & outcomes

4.  Easy to use & in-depth teacher training modules

5.  Ready to use Annual day scripts

6.  Ready to use choreography for events & festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Convocation , Independence day etc 

7.  Choreography videos can directly be followed by students while the teacher acts as a facilitator which brings consistent quality

8.  Our most anticipated & unique event of the year – “Together We Dance” – It’s something our parents look forward to each year!