We are a heart company built on the foundation of passion and love for dance and are on a mission to spread this love far and wide !

RHF started in 2011 with a fervour to provide children with a quality dance class unlike any other. And we can proudly say that we have achieved this!

Our carefully crafted, age appropriate curriculums in Creative Movement, Hip Hop, Jazz Funk & Contemporary and our highly trained teachers are unmatched!

We have taught 12,000 students and have our curriculum running in 40 schools pan India.

We also run a Fitness division for adults – a one stop shop for every fitness need.

It takes just one class to experience the RHF way!


“Rhythmus HappyFeet Dance Academy strives at making dance fun while imbibing dance techniques and values which enable children to achieve a strong foundation in dance”


Although many of our students will pursue dance professionally, for those who don’t, the lessons learned about themselves through dance will be monumental for any path they choose in life.

Our Partner Companies

Agile Kids

An answer to every dance related need a school has!

Agile Kids is a Graded Dance & Creative Movemnt Curriculum for Pre- Nursery to Grade 2. Its’s vision is to  promote kinesthetic learning, creative expression, fitness, motor skill development, self-confidence through dance while simultaneously equipping students with a strong foundation of technique required for professional dancing in school.


Bombay Ballet Company

Bombay Ballet Company is a full time dance establishment in Mumbai, India that aims to offer students and young adults a pathway towards a career in the ballet industry.  Providing  strong foundation in Classical Ballet in the Vaganova system (Russian). Affiliated to Ballet Manila ,Phillipines