I was at a point when I felt stuck. I was not happy with my appearance, and I knew that I needed a push – that is when the six week challenge was introduced by RHF fitness and I knew this was meant for me and I had to take up this challenge. Each and every class – be it Zumba, strength training or MMA – became a big check mark on my calendar that I was really proud to see. I wasn’t expecting a massive transformation or really anything radical at all, but slowly I started feeling different. Eventually I started loving each and every class and never felt like skipping a single class! Whenever I felt low my instructor Priya always kept on motivating me because of which I never felt like giving up. This challenge was the push I always needed and I loved the results I achieved. I lost almost SIX kilos in six weeks. I would like to thank all my instructors – Beelal, Sameer, our nutritionist Sargam and above all Priya for always being there.